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Partners Fund

Offensive Playbook
Investing in units of the Ewing Morris Opportunities Fund LP and the Ewing Morris Small Cap Fund LP which applies a private equity mindset to public company investing. The Funds are geared towards capital preservation and target a net return to LPs of 10% per annum over time, with lower volatility than the broad-based North American equity markets.

Defensive Playbook
Designed to preserve capital for investors through all market environments, particularly during periods of rising interest rates. This is achieved by investing into the Ewing Morris Flexible Fixed Income Fund LP, which has historically had lower volatility and low correlation with general markets and targets 5-7% net returns per annum over time.

Neutral Zone Playbook
Accessed via the Broadview Dark Horse LP, a low net exposure North American long-short fund focused on small cap companies. The strategy is capital structure agnostic and seeks “equity-like” returns. The investment approach is to look for structural, nuanced or temporal inefficiencies, conduct deep research and pursue company involvement as a back-up plan. Investment opportunities are reviewed through a private market value lens

Key Fund Data
Investors: Available to Accredited Investors
Portfolio Manager: John Ewing, Randy Steuart and Anthony Hammill
Inception Date: March 1, 2019
Geographic Region: Global
Benchmark: “Balanced Index” (see Fact Sheet)
Subscriptions: Monthly
Redemptions: Monthly
Lock-Up: None

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