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Dark Horse Fund

The Dark Horse LP is an investment limited partnership intended for high net worth, institutional and accredited investors. “Dark Horse” is an old handicapping term referring to a horse that is overlooked, unappreciated and mistakenly cast off as another long shot. The true Dark Horse sports long odds while possessing many of the skills and attributes of the favorite. It is the best value in the race. It is the type of wager that those who “know their stuff” and do their research seek. The Dark Horse is the underdog that should not be such and is exactly the sort of investment

Key Fund Data
Investors: Available to Accredited Investors
Portfolio Manager: Anthony Hammill and John Ewing
Inception Date: April 3, 2009
Geographic Region: North America
Benchmark: S&P/TSX Small Cap Index
Subscriptions: Monthly
Redemptions: Monthly
Lock-Up: None
# of Holdings 46

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