Offensive Playbook: Investing in units of the Ewing Morris Opportunities Fund LP and the Ewing Morris Small Cap Fund LP which applies a private equity mindset to public company investing.

Defensive Playbook: Designed to preserve capital for investors through all market environments, particularly during periods of rising interest rates.

Neutral Zone Playbook: Accessed via the Broadview Dark Horse LP, a low net exposure North American long-short fund focused on small cap companies.

Ewing Morris applies a private equity mindset to public company investing. The equity funds employ a long-term investment orientation and invest in concentrated portfolios focusing on inefficient areas of the public markets.  The funds seek to preserve capital by avoiding companies that trade at expensive valuations, have significant leverage and/or operate in industries subject to rapid change.

The objective of the Flexible Fixed Income Fund is to preserve capital for investors through a variety of market environments and achieve 5-7% stable net returns with lower price volatility compared to equity markets. The Fund is unique in its focus on the high yield bond market, utilization of low levels of leverage, and controlling risk though hedging individual bond holdings by shorting the equity of the same company.

Our co-investment vehicles are “private equity” like structures which enable us to enhance our fund investment in a single name where we seek to deploy an active engagement strategy.  The stability of capital coupled with increased ownership bolster our ability to influence both management and boards.  The purpose of active engagement is to unlock value through constructive dialogue with the company to deploy potential financial strategies and/or enhance governance practices that create value for all shareholders.

Ewing Morris and Patoma Inc. have a joint venture to invest directly in niche, multi-family real-estate opportunities in greater New York City. We operate our respective businesses independently, while partnering to leverage strengths. Ewing Morris and Patoma both employ a non-conventional approach to investing in the areas of public equities, credit, and niche real estate.